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3137 Henry Road, Chemainus, BC V0R 1K4

Metal Fabrication

Versatile Technologies provides professional fabrication services. There is little that we can't do to bring your designs and ideas to life. Our team will ensure that all projects are completed and installed to your satisfaction.

Most custom projects are assembled in our state of the art welding and fabrication shop in Chemainus, BC.

Fabrication Equipment

  • Water Jet cuts a variety of different materials including metal, stone, glass, plastic, and tile. If you have a unique material, this machine will cut it. You can import your CAD drawing and have your project custom-cut to your specifications.
  • Press Brake: Bends sheet metal and other plate materials.
  • CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Machine: CNC machines use computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) programs to control tools. Enables high precision use of cutters, drills, and lathes.
  • Plate Rolls: Rolls different kinds of metal sheets into round or conical shapes.
  • Extrusion Rolls: Rolls pipe, square tubing, I-beam, flat bar, angle etc.
  • Welders: Stick, MIG, TIG and flux core welding projects.
  • Powder Coating: We can arrange for all your powder coating needs.

Fabrication Services